Time is a mirror - inspirational poem by Raad Ajlouni

Time is a mirror,
A mirror, that reflects the choices made in life,

Some, challenge time,
while others, embrace it as a gift.

The quality of the choices made in life, depends on whether you possess the art of mastering time or if time has mastered you instead.

The art of mastering time comes with 3 virtues:

Balance, Passion and Wisdom

Balance is reached once you find the right architecture between your body, mind, heart and soul, this allows you to know how to take your time and when & where to let time take you.

Passion is the compass of your purpose in life, it facilitates your ability to make the right choices and strengthens your confidence in living life with no regrets.

Wisdom is a source of light that can be measured when you look at yourself in the mirror as you grow older. This wisdom falls into 3 types:

The Winner, The Champion and The Legend.

The Winner, sees wrinkles of gratitude.

The Champion doesn't see wrinkles, only enthusiasm for all the beautiful things still awaiting to be experienced in life.

While The legend sees a mirror in the mirror… and all what stands in between those 2 mirrors, is the light of wisdom.

Being a mirror makes you a source of time, while being a mirror for others makes you a source of light.
If you are a legend, share your gift with the world,

So that when your time is over,
you will be remembered forever for the light you left behind you.